Gold Pineapple Storage Box - Not perfect but still beautiful

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Not Perfect but still beautiful - Please note this item has been heavily discounted due to one area of damage on the pineapple. The damaged is in one area only so the damaged side can be turned away and will not be seen.

We have two available, damage is shown when you select a pineapple from the drop down list.

Stunning metallic gold pineapple storage box, perfect as a trinket box. Can be used as a decoration piece on a dressing table, living room or kitchen to create a beautiful living space.

Luxury metallic golds are currently on-trend and this popular pineapple pot has plenty of room inside and is the perfect way to store your jewellery, keys and little treasures.

Perfect for storing; your beauty accessories, jewellery, keys pot.

Size: H 17 cm 

Material: Stoneware 

Colour: Gold

None Exchangeable

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